Eurocopter EC-120B Colibri (Build 2002)

Total time (TTAF): 1080.2 Hours
Engine: 1x Turbomeca Arrius 2F (to be overhauled in 2017)
Serial Number: 1324
Price: € 800,000

The Eurocopter EC-120B is a is a five-seat, single-engine light helicopter, designed for safe, simple, and cost-effective operations. Airbus Helicopters has claimed that the EC120B possesses the lowest operating cost in its class. The aircraft features a wide, ergonomic cabin with high levels of external visibility, which can accommodate a single or two pilots (dual steering installed), along with four/three passengers in a typical passenger configuration.

Dimensions: Height 3.4 meter | Length 9.6 meter | Rotor Diameter 10.0 meter

Performance: Cruise Speed: 223 km/h (120 knots, 138 mph) | Range: 710 km (383 nm) | Service ceiling: 5,182 m (17,000 ft)

Avionics & Instruments: 1x LCD VEMD Garmin Apollo MX20 (Vehicle and Engine multi-function Display) | 1x Garmin Aera 795 | 1x Auto Pilot on 2 Axis | 1x Warning panel | 1x Garmin GTX-327 Digital Transponder | 1x COM/NAV KX165 TSO | 1x Bendix-King KMA 26 TSO Audiopanel | 1x  Apollo SL40 COM set | 1x Avionics Innovations AI 8 DCU (CD-player/integrated radio) | 1x GNS 430 GPS | 1x MFD Apollo MX20 | 1x airspeed indicator | 1x Altimeter | 1x Vertical Speed Indicator | 1x Stopwatch | 1x KI525A HSI | 1x LCD Dual RPM indicator | 1x External side slip indicator | 1x SAE5-35 Altitude Data System | 1x AI-8 DCU/AI- Changer 8 | 1x BF Goodrich Aerospace Skywatch Traffic Advisory system | 1x Bendix/King KCS 55/55A Pictorial Navigation system |

Extra items: SFIM PA85 autopilot system on two axis | Double headphone jack configuration (for Bose and other headset types) | 4x Bose Headsets | Enforced landing gear | 1x High tensity Led light in belly | Ground handling wheels | 1x Life jacket with build in transponder | 1x Life raft for 6 persons | VIP Interior configuration | Equipped with airconditioning system |