About Us

Aircraft Solutions was founded in 2012 by Frank Desmet. With a lifelong experience in the aviation business (both helicopters & fixed wing) with maintenance, aircraft management and company management functions, a versatile scope of work can be handled. 

Aircraft Solutions is located at Maastricht Airport, in the center of general aviation. You are more than welcome to visit us, in our modern maintenance facility in the MAA Jet Center. If your prefer to have maintenance performed on your designated location, we have a flexible team to provide services on the spot, 24/7 around the globe.

We can offer you a diverse scope of work. From assistance with starting your aircraft on the ramp, oil uplift, or tire pressure checks. To major repairs and modifications, and heavy base maintenance.

We are currently responsible for the maintenance and maintenance control of several helicopters, and line and base maintenance on fixed wing aircraft. Our primary goal is to ensure high levels of skills and quality, hereby providing vast maintenance solutions for you, while at the same time maintaining the high levels of quality.

Besides the strict European Part 145 regulatory requirements, we have a direct follow up, on the latest product and manufacturer updates and regulatory changes, availability of specialized equipment, up-to-date maintenance documentation and support. And by this, tailor services to the needs of our customers.