If you are orientating, or planning to buy a new rotor- or aircraft. Aircraft Solutions can, as a RHC authorized Service Center, and with years of experience, provide a full range of services to guide you along your way to a new purchase.

Over the years we have assisted with selling several helicopters, performed imports/exports, and performed pre-buying inspections for our customers. We have the experience/contacts to provide a hassle free transition of your rotor- and aircraft ownership, or registration.

All maintenance will be performed by highly qualified and experienced personnel, trained and licensed according the strict European Part 145 standards. Maintenance personnel has the availability of specialized equipment and up-to-date maintenance & parts documentation.

Maintenance is performed at our own 450 m² maintenance facility at Maastricht-Aachen Airport, in the south of the Netherlands, with Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg around the corner.

If you prefer to have maintenance performed on your designated location, we have a flexible team to provide our services on the spot.

To get the most out of your ownership, both private or corporate, maintenance management is evenly important as maintenance itself. To comply with European regulations, regarding the airworthiness of your rotor- and aircraft, an approved maintenance program has to be followed or implemented. We can provide a customized program, tailored to your specific needs.

A small impression of services provided by us:


  • Line Maintenance
  • Base Maintenance
  • Upgrading & updating ramp appearal
  • Disassembly, transportation and assembly
  • Updates, repairs and modifications


  • In House A&P and IA services
  • Full CAMO service assistance
  • Customized Maintenance Program Development
  • AD/SB evaluation, recommendation and record keeping
  • ARC, pre-buy and import inspections

Part Support:

  • AOG part support on location
  • Door to door part delivery around the world
  • Part sourcing and of the shelf part delivery