Airworthiness Management

Scheduling service appointments, arranging drop-offs and pick-ups, evaluating estimates and invoices, deciding what work to approve and what to decline or defer, monitoring progress, etc..

Eliminate the time, stress and hassle, and let us manage your helicopter or fixed wing aircraft maintenance.

To get the most out of your ownership, both private or corporate, maintenance management is evenly important as maintenance itself. To comply with European regulations, regarding the airworthiness of your helicopter or fixed wing aircraft, an approved maintenance program has to be followed or implemented. We can provide a customized program, tailored to your specific needs.

A small impression of Managing services provided by us:

  • In house A&P and IA services
  • Full CAMO service assistance
  • Customized Maintenance Program Development
  • AD/SB evaluation, recommendation and record keeping
  • Long term maintenance planning & control
  • ARC, pre-buy & import inspections
  • Support for remote operations