Maintenance can be performed on your helicopter and fixed wing aircraft, by our highly qualified personnel in a wide scope of work. Regular inspections, mandatory by the manufacturer and/or authorities can be performed at our 450 m² maintenance facility at Maastricht Airport, or on the spot at your preferred location.

With this added value, we are able to provide operators with comprehensive support irrespective of their geographical location. Of course we will take extra care for your helicopter and fixed wing aircraft, to extend its life, as to enhance its ramp appeal.

Besides the regular inspections, are repairs, modifications and replacements also possible. And we have the experience, and equipment to perform more specific maintenance tasks like weighing and “track and balance” checks.

A small impression of Maintenance services provided by us:

  • Regular inspections of Helicopters and Aircraft
  • Weighing of several types of helicopters & Aircraft
  • Track and Balance of several types of helicopters
  • Repairs and/or replacements of parts
  • Modifications in accordance with SB´s & AD´s
  • Control surface and skin repairs
  • Dis-assembly & assembly of Helicopters and Aircraft
  • Engine parts, or engine replacement
  • Avionics updates and/or modifications